new multi-function 4-IN-1 Portable car vacuum cleaner.

COMES WITH: Tire Gauge, LED Light, Tire Inflator, Air Pressure. 

Now, You can Gift Your Car A new Personal Assistant...

Cleaning your car requires more than just taking it to the car wash from time to time... 

there are areas and compartments that would never get cleaned up regardless of how many times you take it to the car wash.

The 4-in-1 car vacumme cleaner will uncover every dirt no matter the angle or area its hiding in your car. 

Say Good Bye To disturbing And Pungent Smells, Or The uncomfortable feeling you get when you open a car that has been in use from day to day activities...


  1. people come in and out of your car and they bring in dirt.
  2. you buy things you consume and particles drop in your car daily.
  3. liquids accidentally spill in your car. 
  4. metals Like phones, Cassettes and your personal properties scatter around.
  5. You have kids, families, friends, and they all would leave your car a little messier. 

With this 4-in-1 Car vacuum cleaner, You can do so much mORE, it supports Wet and dry use.


  • 4 in1 Multi-Functions--> This car vacuum support dry and wet use. not only use for cleaning up tiny items like crumbs/sand/pet hair, but also use for; LED lighting, tire/ball/toy air inflating and tire pressure detection.

  • Super Strong Suction--> Well  Designed with the advanced 120 W turbine motor, the car vacuum's suction can reach up to 4000 mba which is super stronger than any other vacuums. No need to worry about heavy objects that need to suck up!

  • Digital Tire Gauge--> Plug directly into Cigarette Lighter Socket of your Vehicle. Precision Digital Tire Gauge, 35.0±1.0 psi.

  • Inflator Function --> With the function of tire Inflator Pump and equipped with three additional valve accessories. As well as being great for most kinds of tires it is also superb for inflating sports and camping equipment.

   PRICE= KSH 5,500 



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