Now You Can ​Slice Potato, Carrot, Cheese, cucumber, onions, big and small vegetables for your kitchen needs.

The 9 in 1 kitchen slicer is a Revolutionary kitchen tool that is highly durable and helps with all kinds of kitchen chores with ease.

Now You can start cooking without worries of doing every cutting, slicing or shredding manually... the 9-in-1 kitchen slicer makes cooking easy and fun.

with this amazing kitchen tool, you can easily;

  • slice potatoes
  • slice onions 
  • cut fruits like carrots, cucumber etc
  • used for washing Veggies and fruits
  • slice into 9 different sizes and shapes using it 9 blades
  • make veggie & fruit salads, plus other health meals
  • cook better, faster and less stress.

You can slice, grate, and dice all your fruits and vegetables into different sizes and shapes for your consumption.


  • Multi-functional: Cutting and cleaning, simple and fast with a rotating buckle and automatic rotation angle that makes cleaning, slicing and storing all kinds of vegetables in the kitchen.
  • Portable & Easy to use: The 9 in 1 multi-functional slicers comes with Detachable vegetable cutter that can be easily assembled and removed for washing after use.
  • Intensive Drain Mesh: With The Multi Functional Slicer, It Also Doubles As A Drain Mesh For Washing And Storing Vegetables At Room Temperature By Serving As A Fruit Basket.
  • Shatter Proof & Highly Durable: Durability and long lasting is Among the first Consideration while manufacturing this kitchen tool. Its double isolated layer basket and all it cutting head are made to be durable and last for years.
  • 9-in-1 Multiple cutter head: this Revolutionary slicer comes with Different cutter heads suitable to deliver your veggies in a range of different sizes and texture. 

some of the cutter heads includes;

  1. 1.5MM film cutting head: suitable for making fruit skin film, homemade film mask.
  2. 3MM medium silk cutting machine: uniform thickness, cut food suitable for coloring or frying.
  3. 4MM thick cutter head: suitable for frying or steaming.
  4. Grinding head: Grated ginger is ground, no need to chop, easy and effortless.
  5. 2.5MM thick cutter head: a good helper for easy slicing and saving time and labor.
  6. 2MM cutting Head: Dense and Delicate, Suitable for Cole-saw.

How To Use:

  1. take out the hand guard
  2. Place it on top of vegetables
  3. press the handles to fix it
  4. start use. 

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