ENJOY A PREMIUM KITCHEN, WITH THE 2800W Electric Meat Grinder, Kitchen Mincer, Sausage Stuffer Maker Filler, Food Processor, Meat Slicer MACHINE.



  • Meat Grinder
  • Kitchen Mincer
  • Sausage stuffer maker filler
  • meat slicer for patty
  • food processor
  • grind pepper, seeds, garlic, ginger Etc.
  • process pork, beef, fish, celery in seconds.

Now You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Meals At Home With The Help Of This Food Processor That You Can Do A Lot With. 

the 2800W electric meat grinder works to produce delicate meat filling with a smooth taste using its low speed spiral extrusion cutting technology. 

with this meat grinder, it is easy to make several meat pies and other Savory pastry snacks like;

  • Sausage roll
  • fish and meat pies
  • spicy beef puff
  • meat patties
  • beef empanadas Etc.

Made with 304 stainless steel blade, the fully automatic, multi Functional and detachable Household Professional Electric Meat Grinder utilizes its three stage spiral squeeze grinding function to fully protect the meat fiber and avoid changes in nutrition of food Ingredients. 

Every home deserves one of this multi functional 2900W meat grinder/food processor. 

With this machine, all grinding activities both indoors and outdoors are duly taken care of like seen below;

Save time while cooking your favorite meal with a family size grinder that does all kinds of grinding, mincing, slicing at home.

with several blades to serve different needs, you can slice meat needed for sausages and other savory pastry snacks, grind flour for kibbe, slice pepper, cereals, and other food ingredients in the kitchen.

The Heavy Duty Food Processing Machine Stainless Steel Grinding Plates Sausage Stuffer Electric Meat Mincer Grinder is the best kitchen gift for households.


1. The high-performance meat grinder is for professional use and can be used in home kitchens, large kitchens, butcher shops or catering industry.

2. The material is made of stainless steel, which is eternal and strong, and will process your meat quickly and reliably to make the meat delicious.

3. The meat grinder is designed for long-term use in high-performance applications.

4. The meat grinder is easy to clean and disassemble.

5. Easy maintenance, time-saving versatility.

6. Please pay attention to safety when using, please do not touch the blade with your hands.


7. comes with sharp 3 cutting plates that gives you different options to shred, cut or mince your meat, veggies, etc. 


  • Gear Position: 2 speed
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Rated Power: 2800W
  • Mincing Speed: 3-4 kg/min (maximum 5 kg/min)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • (food grade), ABS, alloy
  • Color: Black / Red / White
  • type: Electric meat grinder 

    How To Use:

  1. Release The Button And Connect The Tube On The Machine
  2. Assemble Into The Feed Screw On The Tube
  3. Assemble Into The Blade
  4. Assemble Into The Cutting Plate
  5. Assemble The Fixing Ring
  6. Assemble the tray On top of the machine 
  7.  start using,

the 2800W electric meat grinder Heavy duty grinder kitchen electric meat chopper stuffer, food processor is the best kitchen gift to supercharge cooking at home & Outdoors

Package Includes:

1 x Host
1 x Food Tray
1 x Seven-shaped Pipe
1 x Fixing Ring
1 x Ground Meat Putter
1 x Blade
3 x Knife Net
1 x Sausage Filling Pipe
1 x Push Rod

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