Now You Can Make Fried Dough Cakes, Pound cakes, bean cake etc.

The 12 holes baking pan is perfect for all kinds of frying and healthy snacks of different recipes at home.

the best part is, the baking pan is non stick coating which means you can make your Favorite dough cake with less or no oil.

this is a Perfect healthy frying for your family.

with this 12 hole baking pan, You can make numerous home snacks for breakfast, quick dinner and wash it down with your Favorite bottle of milk shake, smoothie or juice.

You can try different deep fried pie recipes to keep surprising your loved ones with new and yummy munchies to go round for everyone..

Some of the recipes you can try include;

  • Fried meat Pies
  • Fried Potatoes and Chicken Samosa
  • Deep fried Chicken Burger
  • fried Cheese rolls
  • Fried Puff puff
  • stuffed fried bread
  • fried bread dough with spicy fish filling
  • fried vegetable pastry
  • Aloo samosa
  • spicy tikki oats
  • deep fried pizza
  • Octopus Balls etc

You would receive a free gift of about 20 fantastic local and foreign fried Dough and cakes recipes you can make at home When you order this 12 hole baking cookware.

How To Use:

  1. get the recipe ingredients ready.
  2. Add the necessary ingredients and mix accordingly in a basin.
  3. Heat your gas cooker and Place the 12 hole baking pan on top.
  4. fill in the mixed flour and ingredients and hit the gas cooker.
  5. wait till your Favorite dough is ready and enjoy.

This is a Perfect Kitchen Tool To Create And Foster Happy Moments With Your Family.

Every Home Deserves One Of This 12 hole baking pan.


  • Gas Powered: the gas powered tokoyaki pan is best for making your octopus balls which is known for its sweet and flavoury taste. you can also make the danish pancakes with this 12 holes baking pan.
  • Versatility: Non-Stick Coated Plate Surface, let you quickly and easily make upto 12 puff puff balls, meat pies, and many more kind of deep fries in 60 seconds even with no prior cooking experience.
  • Easy  To Clean: Comes With Non-Stick Surface Cleans, Simply Wipe The Cooking Plate Over With A Damp Cloth And Your Crepe Machine Is Clean.
  • Great Addition To Kitchen:  Perfect For Anywhere And Anytime To Make Delicious Fried Balls For breakfast or movie time. 
  • Make Intercontinental Appetizers: the 12 hole tokoyaki baking pan boost of recipes from foreign countries to serve your taste buds. for instance the Japaneses uses this baking pan to make their famous octopus balls which are very delicious and Popular around the world. with this pan in your kitchen and our recipe book, you can try Different fries to keep your loved ones smiling and licking their lips.
  • Material: Aluminum + Non-stick coating
  • Color: Black
  • Suitable Stove: Gas stove
  • Total Length: 36cm / 14.2inch
  • Handle Length: 18cm / 7.1inch
  • Cavity Diameter: 4cm / 1.6inch
  • Package Included: 1 x Takoyaki Pan

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